I like chicken.

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Anonymous said: i'm going to the 1975 again this fall after seeing them this spring. i'm super excited but i'm trying to decide when to get there. last time we were pretty close to the front and got there at 12…but then a group of people began forming in the front since so many people were "holding" their space in line. the front people got there around six when we asked them. i want to try to be REALLY close. do you have any ideas time wise? thanks!

hey there, sorry for the delayed reply. I’m a bit of a lunatic when it comes to lining up for concerts and I like to get there super early even if there’s no need to. What time you start to line up really depends on the size of the venue, the popularity of the band and things like that so I couldn’t really say a time that would get you to the front.

I was front row both times I saw The 1975. The first time was in a venue with a capacity of 1,000 people and you only had to be there about an hour before the doors opened to get to the front. The second time was at a festival where there was approximately 16,500 people in attendance and we started lining up two hours before gates opened, knowing that, for a festival, people arrive at all times of the day and not everyone would be heading for the main stage.

I don’t know if any of that helps you, but if you have any more questions or details about the venue, do let me know xx

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like, seriously, there is no need to disect every act’s performance straight after their set, like, I KNOW I WAS FUCKING HERE IT LITERALLY HAPPENED MOMENTS AGO

don’t go to a music festival with music students/music snobs.

they like to talk like they know everything and it’s terribly irritating