I like chicken.

(1) July 20, 2014
tagged: bleh.

like, seriously, there is no need to disect every act’s performance straight after their set, like, I KNOW I WAS FUCKING HERE IT LITERALLY HAPPENED MOMENTS AGO

don’t go to a music festival with music students/music snobs.

they like to talk like they know everything and it’s terribly irritating

all of my friends are out tonight and I’m babysitting three boys who won’t go to bed no matter how much I plead and I’m tired and I want to sleep and why are they such little shits

(0) June 26, 2014
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(1) June 14, 2014
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(0) April 18, 2014
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(1) April 17, 2014
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(0) March 28, 2014
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I’m so sick. oh good lord, help me. I’m dying.

(987) March 17, 2014
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a woman I used to work with saw me walking yesterday and told my mother this morning that I’ve lost a lot of weight.