I like chicken.

(0) September 28, 2014
tagged: how cute are we with our viber group tho. family. bleh.
(2) September 28, 2014
tagged: I love being blonde. me. bleh.

wow, I really appreciate Colin. He’s such a genuinely lovely boy. I would very much like to keep him as a friend.

(0) September 19, 2014
tagged: bleh.

when I made plans to go out tonight, I did not imagine that I would be sat in my living room at 2:30am with friends drinking peppermint tea

I met my new favourite group of guys tonight and I hope to become very good friends with them very soon because they are buckets of fun and I wish to spend more time with them

(0) September 17, 2014
tagged: mort. bleh.

I just made faces at some guy on the street thinking it was a friend of mine and he made faces back but then I remembered said friend is in a different county right now so omg who was that boy I was just making faces with

(0) September 16, 2014
tagged: goddamn it Eilish. y u do dis. bleh.

I let my friend stay in my apartment last night so she wouldn’t have to wake up so early for her 9 o’ clock lecture and she wakes up and decides ‘nope, I’m not going to my first lecture. just gonna stay in bed’

(0) September 15, 2014
tagged: so determined not to get sick this year. vitamins. bleh.

I went back to sleep after my alarm went off this morning and I didn’t wake again until 8:49 and I still managed to be sat here in school for 8:59.

I am amazing.

(0) September 14, 2014
tagged: aaaaaawwwwwwwww. I LOVE THAT WOMAN. AND MISS HER. bleh.

I’ve been emailing my old english teacher about repeating and she signs all her emails off with “Love Frances”

Any repeat leaving cert students (previous or present) out there? I’m upset and confused and could use some advice/support.

(0) September 11, 2014
tagged: bleh.

I did not think it was going to be this hard watching my friends attend university while I sit my leaving cert again.

(0) September 11, 2014
tagged: bleh.

my roommate went home last night I could have had that dance party I wanted mac’dang it

(0) September 10, 2014
tagged: bleh.

I think I’m going to dye the ends of my hair blue tomorrow to cheer myself up, yep.

(1) September 10, 2014
tagged: bleh.

All I want to do now is play some music really, really loud and have my own dance party in the kitchen, but I can’t because roommate.